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Kanjani∞ 10th debut anniversary - オレたちが最高で最強の関ジャニ∞!


01:14 am

.*・゚☆ Happy 10th Anniversary Kanjani8 ☆゚・*.

09:17 pm
“Our life is forever Girls’ Generation. No matter what happens, we want to show that Girls’ Generation is always one.”
09:16 pm


Happy 7th anniversary! Right now It’s GG, Forever GG!

09:16 pm

"if you’re still girls’ generation in the next lifetime, i will still be a sone." 

happy 7th anniversary, ot9♡ 

01:52 am


SNSD’s Into the New World Performances 2007-2014

01:52 am


Nine people who are very different from each other, have now become one." - Sooyoung

august 5th, 2007 - present | happy 7th anniversary, snsd!
01:51 am


7 years. Indestructible. 

01:51 am


01:50 am

7 years and counting.. still as strong as ever.

Happy Anniversary 소녀시대!